Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Relationship Quiz - Top 5 Relationship Questions for a Healthy Relationship

Are you in a relationship that you think will last a lifetime? Are you with a partner that you’ve always dreamed about? It’s better to find out all these now instead of wasting any more of your precious time. Asking yourself these simple questions and answering them truly in this relationship quiz will help you to get the insight of your relationship.

Can you feel to be yourself when your partner is around? Inevitable to say that when you are into a relationship, your partner have to accept you the way you are. You should not try to pretend someone who you are not. If you try to do so then it’s just matter of time that your partner will start disliking you or perhaps you will turn out to be in a whole different person. In the end, you may not be the one whom your partner was really striving for. Possibly your partner just want to take control, wherein changing yourself completely will not make any difference.
Do you feel that your relationship is on an equal level or is it one sided? If you are receiving as much as you are giving in your relationship than you are on a right track. But if it’s all about your partner, your partner’s friends, family, hobbies, and this is the topic that you’ve discussed many times before, there’s a chance that your relationship is on a stake.
Does your partner always doubt your capabilities or does your partner boosts your confidence? Do you always feel comfortable when your partner is around you or do you always have a second guess in everything you do? So just in case if you are analysing your every move, wandering that whether your partner will approve or disapprove, like or dislike your decision, even in some of the most simple things, if you are always trying to get over with the present and see what’s in the future for you in your relationship, life could be better without your partner.
Are you able to share your deepest secrets and do you talk openly with your partner? It’s important that you should be able to talk freely and openly if you want your relationship to be long lasted. For an instance, if you and your partner are sitting together at a romantic place, just two of you, and there’s mostly silence, or perhaps you’re sharing your deepest secret with each other, possibly you’re on a track wherein your relation will last long.
Do you feel in investing quality time and effort to make your relationship fruitful? In answering this simple question if you feel even a single bit of tentativeness than it’s probably a time for you to do something quickly or to give a second thought. However, couples who are into a new relationship, it may be much difficult for them to answer this question.

Finally, if you feel that you are happy with your answers in this short relationship quiz, cheers, you’ve most likely found your best partner.

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