Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Relationship Advice for Women

They say, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Does it look like any of us care, when it comes to relationship advice for women? Irrespective or our origins, the fact remains, that we women need an advice on how to deal with a man, especially when it comes to a romantic relationship. In my opinion, women have higher emotional intelligence than men, but despite that, sometimes they can be at their wits end because of a man's confusing behavior. So, after a great deal of writings on relationships, here's an exclusive piece of work just for women. The relationship advice for women will be put forward by commonly asked questions.

Relationship Advice for Women

Q1: I hate the dating games that men play. I don't know how to deal with momentary flings or someone who gets too clingy?
As a relationship advice and dating advice for women in the real world, I would like to say there is no one out there with lots of time to know what you want.

We women love to hide in our shells and play the 'guess my feelings' game. Sadly, in the real world, you've got to speak up. Selective mutism (not speaking up when necessary) is not going to be entertained in a man's world. Men by nature, are not mind readers as they themselves like to be cajoled and listened to. Hence, when a man is making his moves on you, make it very clear about what you want and what you are expecting. This will save the time and effort for both of you and save the trouble of having strings attached or cutting the strings, whatever be the case.

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Q2: My husband never bothers to listen to what I have got to say. Neither does he take any decisions around the house. How am I to know what he wants?
From the olden times of your grand-mother to your mother and now to yours, the situation to men being indecisive about home affairs has remained the same. This stems from the fact, that the primal instinct of men is to be a protector, provider and possessor. And the role of a woman, is that of a 'homemaker' (sorry, if I am getting too cynical). It's with these instincts that we act as a couple. Thus, when it comes to taking a decision regarding home affairs, he will always respect your decision, support it and will help you if it's not wrong. That's exactly what he will do, because that's exactly what he wants. The other problem of not being a listener is rooted in the fact, that men procrastinate. Yes, they need to be pushed a little, but not nagged.

Q3: I am seeing this guy for a month and I've always stopped him from getting to the third base. I am scared things will get further than that. How do I tell him my dilemma?
Hmmm...we all go though this. Don't we? The 'right time' may be right there in front of us, but certainty of it, is always uncertain. As relationship advice for girls, especially below 18, I suggest, keep this moment for later, when you are aware of what you are doing. Right now 18 may just seem a number to you, but trust me, you will ripe in your understanding with years that pass by. For girls above the age of 18, there is nothing wrong in feeling the way you are feeling. He may be coming on too strong for you, but stop him there, talk it out to him, share your fears and things will workout. If he really cares for you, he will understand you.

Q4: I work beyond my office hours. Sometimes I pull 15 hours of work a day. Post work, I get too tired to attend to my domestic affairs. My husband gets irritated with me and we get into regular fights. I am scared this will affect our bond and children too. Please help.
I completely understand your situation, dear reader. What women need to know about men, is, that they are just like kids. They want to be pampered, be (extra) cared for, heard, loved and attended too. Your long working hours is making your husband miss you, more than he should. Missing your partner, to a certain level is important, as too much familiarity begins to breed boredom. But 15 hours of work is draining you out, which is taking a toll on him and in turn reflecting on your kids. As an honest relationship advice for women, communicate your situation to your husband and let him know that at the moment, it's not possible to put your profession in a backseat. At the same time, try and take a weekend off and go out on a weekend getaway with your family, then let me know how the situation improves.

Q5: My guy has failed to see me as a respectable individual in the past two years. Our relationship has taken an abusive turn. I love him a lot and I am still hoping for a change. Am I right?
Respect is the first premise of any relationship. If your guy has failed to learn such a simple thing in two years, then I've got to say, call it quits. Relationship advice to break up comes as a last resort, but if the other person is unwilling all the while, to make it work, then why waste time in hoping for a change all the while? I understand that you love him. But, the truth remains, love is just one factor of having a healthy relationship. With all due respect to him, end it on a good note and thank him for teaching you things like patience (for tolerating him), virtue of self reliance and ability to understand your emotions, and move out of the relationship. With so many positive changes in you, surely you will find somebody worth much more.

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