Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Online Dating - Statistics

An estimated 20 million people visit online dating sites at least once a month and some visit more than one site. That means the exposure of using an online service is quite vast. The exposure of the personal ads on the sites has high visibility resulting in meeting more people.

Thirty-one percent (31%) of Americans either have used an internet-dating site or know someone who has used a site. There are currently 306,053,538 people in the United States. That means over 94,876,000 people have used an internet dating service at one point or another! Talk about exposure of the profile and the opportunity of finding someone in the internet world.

More than 120,000 marriages were contributed to internet dating services matching up users in 2008. That is a lot of happy people who found love on the internet. With those numbers being a year old, the number of people making a vital connection continues to increase each year.

The statistics for 2003 show over three million people used paid internet dating services.

This number is almost six years old and the numbers increase every year. These people spent over 4 million for the dating services with an average of 9 for annual membership fees.

The estimates for 2008 show substantial financial growth for online dating services reaching over 2 million. The figures show how online dating is increasing by immense amounts. This also means the number of people seeking mates has increased and with that comes a higher number of people making love connections.

The statistics do not include the free websites for internet dating services. With places such as Yahoo Personals, and AOL Personals offering free internet dating services, the numbers of people using the internet to meet others is even higher than the paid dating sites.

Free internet dating sites do not have the same degrees of measuring the users, since the statistics are based on paid users and not free based sites.

Yet for anyone who has visited any of the free sites, there are a large number of members listed on the sites who have the same possibilities of creating a connection with another person.

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