Tuesday, September 16, 2003

What's in a Name?: Don't ask! Please tell!

Alain? Paco? Carlos? Taken?!?

:: I was minding my own business, as I occasionally do on the web, when I decided, in a moment of utmost humility, to see what might pop up if I googled "alexander.inglis". Quite a lot, as it turns out, not least of which is, well, me. (Interestingly enough, if that's all you enter and click "I'm feeling lucky" ... you still end up at my home page.) There were a number of entries concerning genealogy (another major interest of mine) and some links to the Inglis of Aberdeen, Scotland -- where my own family's ancestors came from, arriving in Toronto in the mid-1800s. So imagine my shock when, on page 14, I came across:

"Pete's hand found the older man's shoulder; the touch sent a shudder of electric energy down his spine" (Alexander Inglis)

It turns out the extraordinarily attractive young man pictured above recently wrote an essay, Sexual Energies From Head to Toe, in which he quotes directly from a section of an erotic story I wrote in May, 2000, Tasting Heaven. (I will pause, now, for the voyeurs among you -- that's pretty well everyone, right? -- to check out that last link.) From the phrase-for-today ... who knew? This adorable hunklet devotes his essay to discovering the erotic zones of the human form; by the time he reaches the shoulders, "Waking Dream" decides to quote from my only outing as an author of erotic fiction.

Two young men ready for each other

:: Which reminds how much I rather like the male form, and especially two men together in something that resembles romance with the anticipatory promise of some future physical interaction ... oh, heck, LUST! I know that on the basis of what I have seen (he's sexy), read (I am soooooo turned on by words) and fantasized about (his bio is elusive at best), 31 year old Waking Dream is very well named. The downside is his b/f's name is Bryan. *sigh* The good ones are all "married"!!!! *cries*

More about Waking Dream:

Names: Alain (my French name in French class, given by the teacher); Paco (my Spanish name in Spanish class as well as a nickname given by my paternal grandfather, a pet form of "Francisco"); Carlos (my Spanish name in another Spanish class, given by a Peruvian Baptist minister); Plenty Crow (my chosen Native American name in Indian Guides); ??? (a name I cannot remember, but I knew it to be my true name, spoken by an 8-foot tall dark skinned Shaman who appeared to me in a dream to answer any question I had.); Prabhu (my Hare Krishna name, given to me by the devotee who sold me a harmonium, Hindi for "King," "Lord," or "Revered Master"); Abdul (my chosen Muslim name, "Servant of the Praised One"); Dadashee (Persian pet name for "Brother," given by a close friend); Craig (my Gaelic name, meaning "craggy")

Location: nomadic; virtual self lives in cyberspace

Cultural Heritage: In the mid-thirteenth century, in the land of my ancestors, two great spiritual men met for the first time and formed an amazing bond. These men were soul mates, and their love for each other inspired some of the world's greatest poetry. Their story is told in The Illuminated Rumi, an illustrated book that is stunning to behold and to read. I cherish this book.

Interests: masculine beauty, mystical philosophy, hiking, swimming, travel, electronic music

Have I mentioned yet I am single and am ready to be snatched up? I have wonderful friends -- you know who you are -- but who will snatch me up and make me their mate in Toronto? Earth to Waking Dream: your prince, Alexander, awaits!

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