Sunday, September 14, 2003

Welcome to Alexander's Blog

Aztec Oroborus

:: Ok, so I have been plotting and scheming to create a blog for quite a while but I found the whole thing quite intimidating. And me, an ex-webmaster!

Like a lot of folks, the thrill of blogging became a reality with Salam Pax's Dear Raed posts from Baghdad. Now a celebrity, many of us waited with held breath and fear in our hearts when his posts stopped appearing after the American bombing started. (But he's alive and well and writing for the UK's Guardian. An update appears here.)

Some blogs are online rants (esp. by gen-xers or loopy politicos), and some are just peeks, diary-like, into some more-or-less ordinary bloke's life which suddenly becomes exciting because this is all, so -- well -- naughtily clandestine.

I am hoping to offer you a glimpse into this sod's boring life, plus some works in progress. (I'll try not to retell my story too many times ....)

Ciao for now

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