Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Tuesdays with Tao: Six - Unending Fertility

A Doorway to the Way of Tao?
:: Every Tuesday, I've been publishing one more chapter of my personal re-interpretation of Lao-tzu's awesomely inspiring and quietly wise Tao Te Ching. Despite being written down some 25 centuries ago, it is a marvel of contemporary insight. The opening chapter, The Essence of Tao, is here.

Occasionally the feminine is specifically invoked, in particular to clarify the role in the world of the masculine -- much of the Tao being illustrated in a yin-yang sort of way. But while the "eternal source" is likened to a womb, or flow from the legs of the mountains in a river valley, Tao itself is neither feminine nor masculine, and neither polarity has any more importance than the other. As will be pointed out repeatedly, strong/weak, sharp/blunt, white/black, male/female, day/night cannot exist without the other.

Six - Unending Fertility

In and beside a river, life flourishes.

Shrouded in eternal morning mist,

its source remains hidden,

but ever fertile, inexhaustible;

some call the source Valley Spirit.

Embrace the spirit, feel it inside, use it;

this primal "Mother River" of Tao never runs dry.

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